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unknown ways to keep losing weight without calorie restriction

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I’m an integrative health practitioner. I trained over several years in nutrition and metabolism  and helped many clients who were struggling to lose weight and how to break the plateau based on the researches.

This Ebook explains some ways you can follow to enhance and maximise your weight loss and breaking your weight loss plateau to fulfil your life and fit your needs 


if you are someone who struggling to keep losing weight, in this PFD you will learn some tips and tricks to create from them amazing weight loss plan 

Our Programs

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Nutrition Plan

I can create a step by step nutrition plan just for you based on your body type. I can also provide a detox, inflamation modulation and nutrient deficiencies replacement program based on different body type , wieght loss plan or increasse or maintaining wieght.

Simple Training tips

We can create the best exercise plan that will work for you. we will provide simple tips to reach any goal quickly. wieght loss and lean muscule TRT physioframwork we can recommend simple movements to help relieve neck hip and back pain.

Supplement protocol

We creat the detox protocol and vitamins & mineral replacement and gut healing such as CBO and immune STM recovery based on your body type and lab test.