My name sohaib salama I’m the IHP Health coach exercise & nutrition
try to help any one who need easy solution to balance he’s health and life
20 minutes consultation plus full detox program for free
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Our Programs

Nutrition Plan

I can create a step by step nutrition plan just for you based on your body type. I can also provide a detox, inflamation modulation and nutrient deficiencies replacement program based on different body type , wieght loss plan or increasse or maintaining wieght.

Simple Training tips

We can create the best exercise plan that will work for you. we will provide simple tips to reach any goal quickly. wieght loss and lean muscule TRT physioframwork we can recommend simple movements to help relieve neck hip and back pain.

Supplement protocol

We creat the detox protocol and vitamins & mineral replacement and gut healing such as CBO and immune STM recovery based on your body type and lab test.

About Us

My name is Sohaib Salama. I’m an integrative Health Practitioner. I received certification from ISSA for Sport Nutritionist and Body Building. I also have certification from EXOS education for Advanced Power and Strength, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. With all my education and background training and working in gym for 6 years working with clients, I can develop a full health and fitness program to fit your future health goals. My goal is to help create and maintain a healthy lifestyle looking at fitness, health and nutrition. I can help you face the challenges of starting a healthy way of thinking. I will be your guide to help you navigate in a world where it easy to fall pray to toxic products and environments. Sign up with me today to start your healthy journey for healthier life!

Why You Choose Us

because the formula

we creat very unique and gives you the benifits to stay healthy via balancing inflamation and micronutrients that your body lacking, the depletion of magnesuim has been found 75% in the average poupulation and 20% of poupulation has vitamin B12 deficiency after the age of 60, in general 40% of all poupulation has nutrients deficiency’s.

formula help

this formula help many clients to stay focus and get thier strenght and power back again and one of them is exercise we provide multiple exercise based on your need’s and when you exercise as well based on the level of your capacity and age you won’t be despointed if you try to join us and live the best life you never experience.

because the formula

we creat the best formula of supplement because there is 68% magnesuim deficiency in the soil based on the study’s and 38% of vitamin C and so on that’s why we try to balance the body by doing nutrition plan along with supplemts

Cleanliness guaranteed

life style is everything and it’s easy to control and not but if we couldn’t control we are missing a lot to feel alive again that’s why i’m gonna teach you how to change your habit via some specific tips to build healthy life with your self, family friends and in your office and be productive and all tiredness fatigue in the day time will go away.



$ 130 ONE TIME
  • 21 day detox protocol
  • Daily nutritional support
  • Weight loss or gain nutrition plan
  • 2 time Skype meeting for 30 minutes per week
  • 24/7 email Q&A and support
  • FREE 20 minutes consultation


$ 230 ONE TIME
  • 21 day detox protocol
  • Daily nutrition and supplements support
  • Weight loss and weight gain plan
  • Full spectrum of exercise Back or neck pain, flexibility, energy development
  • Habit development & Stresss management program
  • 3 time Skype meeting plus Q&A
  • 24/7 email support
  • FREE 20 minutes consultation


  • 21 day detox
  • Daily nutritional
  • Supplements support
  • Weight loss or gain exercise plan
  • All PDF included
  • FREE 20 minutes consultation

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